Glock 17 Rental Package
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Glock 17 Rental Package

Now you can rent a secondary weapon from Airsoft Quartermaster for games at Airsoft Billericay. Our sidearm rentals launch is centred around the British Army's recently selected sidearm of choice. We love 'em as they're ultra reliable airsoft pistols. Incorporating a gas blowback system, every shot is a smile waiting to happen.

This weapon is rented as a secondary weapon.  It is not intended for use as a primary for game days at Skirmish Airsoft Billericay.  Use it with your own primary, or compliment one of our quality rentals with this great secondary.  As such we are not offering any of the standard extras with this rental.  You cannot rent mask and coveralls.  BBs and gas are also not included.

Please be aware that our rental fee does not include the site fee, which is payable to Skirmish Airsoft Billericay on arrival on the day of play.

Package includes:

  • 1x Glock 17 gas blowback pistol
  • 1x 26rd magazine for use with green gas
  • 1x MOLLE holster (Right-handed)
  • 1x MOLLE Pistol belt

Only gas and BBs approved by Airsoft Quartermaster are permitted for use in our pistols.  Typically, any high quality seemless and polished branded BB will be permitted as well as a reputable green gas.  Please check with staff for clarity.  Gas and BBs are available from our on-site store on any game day.

Starting From £ 15.00 per Day
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