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Christmas Game Day (27th December 2022)

  • We will be open as usual on the 27th December game day, but rental bookings for this day will not be available on the booking website.  Please book your rental equipment on the day through the on-site shop.

Site Closure - 17/07/2022

  • Due to the forecast of extreme weather during the game playing times on this date, Skirmsih Airsoft Billericay have decided to cancel their game day on this date in the interests of player safety.  Normal game play will resume on the 24th.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

Coronavirus Update - 19/12/2020

  • As of 20th December 2020, we will be ordered to close the rental shop for the duration of the Tier 4 restrictions in Essex.  As such, we will not be able to accept rental bookings for game days at Skirmish Airsoft Billericay until further notice.

Coronavirus Update - 19/07/2020

  • As of 25th July 2020 onwards, all visitors to the rental store or the site shop at Skirmish Airsoft Billericay will be required to wear a face covering to reduce the spread of coronavirus.  Failing to wear a covering will result in you being refused entry to the shops.  Face masks will be available to purchase on-site but we recommend that you bring one with you if possible.

Coronavirus Update - 26/06/2020

  • Skirmish Airsoft Billericay will be opening again from the 5th July onwards, but with limited numbers and safety measures in place to minimise the risk of infection.  For full details, please see the Skirmish Airsoft Billericay website.
  • Due to the restriction on player numbers, you MUST book your event tickets with Skirmish before booking your rental equipment to avoid disappointment.
  • Until further notice we will not be renting/loaning face protection.  You will still be expected to play with at least eye protection (or full face protection for under 18s).  There is a wide selection of face protection for sale at the onsite shop.